RefugeeClassAssistance4Teachers_Leaflet in English

The REFUGEECLASSASSISTANCE4TEACHERS project is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + European Program, which runs from September 2016 and is due to be completed in August 2019.

The project addresses inclusive education as it aims to support teachers by providing them well-targeted training so they can cope with students/pupils with a refugee background, who lack often the language skills to fully participate but also suffer from war traumas that hamper their full integration. Teachers faced with such issues have to be better prepared to know how to deal with this, consequently reducing the current high drop out of refugee children from education.

Supporting material provided consists of an illustrated handbook for the teacher with accompanying printed/mobile/online supporting tools that will support the teacher throughout the different challenges they face nowadays. Equally, the supporting tools will also work towards engaging teachers and refugee students in a manner that is novel, attractive for both the teacher and the student (beneficiary). The outcomes can be easily multiplied across all schools that harbor refugee students by applying the concept of OER, commons creative licensing and free mobile and online applications.

Here you can find the English version of our leaflet.


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