Voluntary Action Festival

NGO CIVIS PLUS successfully participated in “3rd Voluntary Action Festival” organized by Skywalker.gr that took place in Athens at Technopolis venue (Piraeus str., 100, Gazi Area, Athens) from 14th to 15th July 2018.

At the Festival present 58 NGOs in total and above 500 volunteers/visitors.

NGO CIVIS PLUS was present with 2 representatives of the organization and 2 EVS volunteers that join placements in the organization.

During the festival, the representatives, as well as EVS Volunteers, had the chance to inform visitors about the organization’s actions and disseminate the European projects that the NGO implements.

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Among other projects the following ongoing European projects were disseminated:

REFUGEECLASSASSISTANCE4TEACHERS: The project addresses inclusive education as it aims to support teachers by providing them well-targeted training so they can cope with students/pupils with a refugee background, who lack often the language skills to fully participate, but also suffer from war traumas that hamper their full integration. Teachers faced with such issues have to be better prepared to know how to deal with this, consequently reducing the current high drop out of refugee children from education.

Website: http://www.teachers4refugees.eu/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/REFUGEEClassAssistance4Teachers/?fb_dtsg_ag=AdxWTPm4dv76jwwJLTcQY6hWWJGBdwRg_s3-jdgKFIeV0g%3AAdxVfMjStCnnqPWVLkx9PGmIbNIlE47GSBLlWQRks9rpHA

AFTER SCHOOL-Κοινωνικό Φροντιστήριο για παιδιά μεταναστών & προσφύγων:  The social school support “After School” offers support lessons for children of immigrants and refugees, creative activities for children, museum and art exhibition visits, Greek lessons for the parents, Greek lessons for unaccompanied minors (asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees).

Website: https://afterschoolcivisplus.wordpress.com/

Facebook page:


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