Following their Footsteps

NGO CIVIS PLUS is proud to announce its collaboration with Faros, Babel, Merimna and SolidarityNow in a joint effort led by Faros to fight absconding and reach out to the unaccompanied/separated children that have fallen through the cracks of the system and do not enjoy the protection they are entitled to.

The main objectives of the project are: the strengthening of the identification process of UAMs in the street of Athens; the provision of an alternative to detention or street-life after their identification, including access to first integration steps; the increase of the efficiency of the support network in Athens; and the reduction of the phenomenon of absconding care.

 During the 18-month period of the project, our partnership aims at achieving these objectives through the following activities:

  • Extensive street-work in places where refugees congregate, in order to identify approx. 500 UAMs;

  • Operation of a transit centre with capacity of 20 children (partially supported by this project), coupled with immediate referrals to Greek classes. Temporary shelter will be provided to approx. 280 UAMs, before appointing them to permanent shelters. All of them will also have access to Greek classes upon their arrival to foster integration;

  • Capacity building of street-workers and other caregivers working with UAMs. Overall, 50 professionals will be trained on grief counselling, while two supervision groups of a total of 24 caregivers will be created and hold monthly sessions to maximize the efficiency of the staff;

  • Research on the reasons Greece has such a high rate of absconding for the drafting of a Policy Brief on how to address the issue, as a relevant national policy is lacking at the moment;

  • Implementation of a communication strategy to raise awareness on absconding and organization of a two-day event to advocate on the measures to reduce the phenomenon.

You can download the press release from here

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