EVS against Discrimination

“EVS Against Discrimination” is a European voluntary service in which two young people will come for one year in Athens and will voluntarily contribute to the activities and initiatives organized by NGO CIVIS PLUS for the defense of human rights, fighting xenophobia, strengthening and ensuring equal opportunities for immigrants and refugees.
As part of these activities and the effort of our organization to spread the spirit of volunteerism we decided to enrich our voluntary group with young people from other countries and thus to create a multicultural team.
The project aims to contribute in fighting discriminations and stereotypes based on linguistic, national and cultural diversity on one hand and in fighting social isolation and exclusion in order to enhance social cohesion on the other hand. Moreover, it aims to promote the ideas of multiculturalism and tolerance of diversity and to inspire solidarity for the facilitation of social cooperation. Furthermore, it aims to contribute in the development of immigrants’ skills so that they have more opportunities of employment.
At the same time, as far as it concerns the volunteers, the project aims to develop their social consciousness and to encourage them to participate actively in finding solutions of serous social issues, to help them comprehend the European citizenship and to gain personal, social and practical skills (new ways of learning, communicational skills, creativity, sobriety etc) and stepping stones in order to increase their employment opportunities.



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