‘DemocrActive’ is a youth exchange program under the Erasmus+ KA1. The main aim of this project is to increase youth participation in the democratic life of the European Union. The exchange will take place over 8 days in Athens, Greece. The participants will come from Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain and Turkey.
The topics of the project aim to

  • inform the young people about the European Union and decision-making processes,
  •   enhance the European identity
  • create closer links between young people and the EU,
  •   to promote the concept of active European citizenship
  • promote democratic principles and values
  •  increase the mutual understanding between young people from across Europe, with different cultures and backgrounds and
  • boost participants’ personal development.


The topics of the project will be explored through a range of non-formal learning methods, focused on participatory, peer and experiential learning and creative expression of young people. The activities of the project are creative and divers, from quizzes to role playing, open discussions and so on. The programme implementation will be partly in hands of the participants themselves as well as professional trainers providing input and guidance through the method of experiential learning.


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