Kick-off meeting for eSKILLS4ALL held in Edinburgh

The kick-off meeting of this project was held in Edinburgh on 2nd November 2017 and hosted by CIVIC Computing who lead the project. Representatives from all 5 partner organisations attended the meeting to plan the activities for the next six (6) months of the project. These partners include:

eSKILLS4ALL is a Strategic Partnership project in the Adult Sector targeting adults, with a focus on women (low-skilled, long-term unemployed).
The main aim of the project is to offer high quality opportunities to low-skilled, unemployed men and women to upgrade their digital and employability skills, so that they can be better empowered to re-enter work, address skills mismatches and exclusion, while promoting the digital agenda for Europe.

During the kick-off meeting, the main objectives and outputs of the project were analysed and tasks and roles were assigned.


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